Samsung BD-D7000 The Best Blu-Ray Player at CES 2011

They are the base of our home theaters—and there’s always an wicked number of them at CES. We analize the more interesting this year 3D Blu-ray players also find the one that looks like the king of the class.

Samsung BD-D7000 This slot-loading Blu-ray disc drive is small. Like, external DVD drive small. But you don’t be fooled. The BD-D7000 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, including faster disc load times with some mighty loud bells and whistles and some passable 2D-to-3D up-conversion, too. You will also get easy access to all the streaming media mainstays (Netflix, Blockbuster, Twitter, Pandora, Vudu, and YouTube). Hopefully, it will work better.

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