Verizon Showcases 4G LTE Devices and Software

At CES 2011 in Las Vegas Thursday, Verizon Wireless introducing off its 4G LTE network as well as some of the 4G LTE devices it will be present in the first half of 2011.

Motorola present two products, the Motorola Xoom tablet and the Droid Bionic smartphone on Wednesday. Those two devices, added to Android-powered gear from LG, HTC also Samsung, were on show clearly as the nation’s greatest carrier outlaid its 4G LTE expansion strategy.
A month after release the first phase of its LTE network, Verizon is geared up to start rolling out to more cities.

Verizon CEO Dan Mead and Wireless president called this “the next evolution of 4G LTE for consumers.” Verizon expects to have the US covered for 4G LTE access within the next 3 years as well as to double in size in the next 18 months. Throughout 2011 the company will be rolling out 4G LTE in rural and urban.

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